IT is changing the world extremely fast and increasingly determines the success of the business. Thus the decision makers and thought leaders in IT have an increasingly important and decisive role.

If you want to get in touch with decision makers and thought leaders in IT in the Netherlands you choose for AG Connect: from IT Directors, IT managers to IT consultants and advisors – you reach them all through one platform: AG Connect.

AG Connect has the largest IT coverage in the Netherlands and is the only IT title with paying subscribers. Explore all the possibilities to connect to 85,000 IT decision makers at once.

AG Connect is a part of the Sijthoff Media Group, which also includes the ‘Adfo Group’, ‘Binnenlands Bestuur’ and ‘Young & Connected’.

AG Connect – online and print

AG Connect is the platform for all IT decision makers and thought leaders in the Netherlands.  With 24/7 news and inspiration in the full breadth and depth. Developments, innovations, backgrounds, knowledge – everything that decision makers need to be successful! Online and with a beautiful new magazine.

AG Connect offers a unique, high-quality editorial environment for your communication message
• Largest IT coverage in Netherlands
• Only IT title in the Netherlands with paying subscribers
• Largest independent IT editoral team of The Netherlands
• Broad perspective on IT: science and practice are discussed
• In depth coverage in the articles and in the intelligence environment
• Targeted advertising (by topic) possible
• Your content will get more value through the high quality of the umfeld
• Due to the high relevance of editorial environment, better results; high response rate, quality leads

  • Large audience

    In print and online

  • Authority

    An authority in the IT sector for over 50 years

  • Paid circulation

    Only professional IT magazine with a paid circulation

The possibilities

The site is the most important source of information for all IT decision makers and thought leaders in The Netherlands.

The site offers a broad perspective on IT, without loosing sight on depth. Next to news there’s room for in-depth IT studies, edgy columns, interviews with leading IT directors and career advice.

There are also many opportunities for you to share your knowledge and content with our audience, f.i. partner content. We can tell you more about it.

Monthly results*:
Pageviews: 180.000
Unique visitors: 85.000

* Average monthly results based on Google Analytics

Besides our site with 24/7 news and interesting articles, 10 times a year a beautiful magazine will be published.

Advertisements / Plus propositions
With our plus propositions we offer the possibility to bring extra attention to your campaigns. We offer a wide variety op options like  leaflets, inserts, stickers, envelopes, seals, etc.

Showcase / Sponsored special
In addition to regular ads AG Connect provides a number of branded content formats. Think of an interview or a presentation of a successful case.

  • 10 times a year
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Fresh design, attractive
  • High quality content
  • Made by experienced, independent editors
  • Circulation 8,000 / Reach : 20,000

Publication schedule

EditionTopicDeliver advertorials /
branded content
1/2 IT-Traineeshipsmo 27-01, 12:00 pm fr 31-01-2020mo 03-02, 12:00 pmfr 14-02-2020
3Internet-of-things mo 24-02, 12:00 pm fr 28-02-2020 mo 02-03, 12:00 pm fr 13-03-2020
4 Securitymo 23-03, 12:00 pm fr 27-03-2020 mo 30-03, 12:00 pm fr 10-04-2020
5 Low code/no code fr 24-04, 12:00 pm fr 01-05-2020 mo 04-05, 12:00 pm fr 15-05-2020
6/7 IT Employement marketmo 25-05, 12:00 pm fr 29-05-2020 fr 29-05, 12:00 pm fr 12-06-2020
8 Fintech mo 03-08, 12:00 pm fr 07-08-2020 mo 10-08, 12:00 pm fr 21-08-2020
9 Modern IT-Administrationmo 31-08, 12:00 pm fr 04-09-2020 mo 07-09, 12:00 pmfr 18-09-2020
10 Artificial Intelligence mo 28-09, 12:00 pm fr 02-10-2020 mo 05-10, 12:00 pm fr 16-10-2020
11 Testingmo 26-10, 12:00 pm fr 30-10-2020 mo 02-11, 12:00 pm fr 13-11-2020
12 Cloudmo 23-11, 12:00 pm fr 27-11-2020 mo 30-11, 12:00 pm fr 11-12-2020

With a content partnership you connect your company as a knowledge partner to AG Connect. This allows you to showcase your knowledge on and within your own partner page. Your contributions are brought to the attention of your target group through various channels.

You will receive your own partner page where all your articles are collected. Your whitepapers and vacancies can also be displayed on the page. You can also link to your own site and social media channels.

Your articles will be displayed on various pages within the site, including the homepage, on the pillar/topic. Your logo and contribution will be shown on relevant topics.

Six days a week AG Connect sends the newsletter in a morning and afternoon edition. The newsletter is sent to 22,000 recipients, and offers various options, such as bannering and advertorials to communicate with IT directors, IT managers, IT consultants and advisors.

Get in touch with our (newsletter) subscribers through a partner mailing in your own style. You provide a html mail in your preferred style and determine the subject. The partner mailing is a unique e-mail concept with a high attention value to an audience that gave permission to receive these mails. Ideal for promoting a product, service or event.

The AG Connect partner mail reaches over 10,000 experienced IT directors, IT managers and IT consultants en advisors.

Various sizes are available on the website and in the newsletter. Contact us for more details.

Use your whitepaper in the whitepaper database to profile your company as an expert in your field. Your whitepaper will appear on, in the AGKennisbank newsletter, in the AG newsletter and on the AG website. The contact details of every visitor that downloads your whitepaper are registered. Of course we offer this information to you.

Show your expertise and innovative strength in a full media campaign. Claim an IT topic and distinguish yourself from your competitors. The team of AG Connect will fully facilitate you, from mass communication to one-on-one interviews with IT decision makers. Together with you and based on your expertise AG Connect will execute a study, the results will be published in AG Connect. Will will provide the details of the participants in this study, to use as leads. And with the results we also organize a unique roundtable meeting.

Display ads

Billboard 970 x 250 px
(for mobile: 320 x 100 px)
€ 85 cpm
Leaderboard 728 x 90 px
(for mobile: 320 x 50 px)
€ 70 cpm
Halfpage ad 336 x 600 px € 95 cpm
Large rectangle 336 x 280 px € 80 cpm
Layer ad/floor ad € 105 cpm
Expandable banner cpm + 40%
Site takeover € 5.000 per day
Homepage takeover €4.000 per day


Advertorial € 850 per placement
Banner 468 x 60 px € 750 per placement


2/1 page € 9.500,-
1/1 page € 5.600,-
1/2 page € 2.950
Surcharge page 2 and 3 10%
Surcharge page 4 25%

Size (Width x Height)

Size 210 x 270 mm
Portrait Landscape
1/1 page 210 x 270 mm
1/2 page 95 x 232 mm 194 x 116 mm

Deliver as certified pdf with 4 mm bleed.
Take into account a 4 mm safety margin from the outer rim. 

AG Vacancies is the job board where employers and skilled IT professionals come together. The large audience of AG Connect ensures that your job opening is seen by thousands of IT professionals, including IT directors, IT managers, IT consultants and advisors.

  • Including company profile and logo
  • Various possibilities to put your job in the spotlight
  • Standard vacancy € 495,-
  • Spotlight vacancy € 750,-
  • Large audience

    Reaches (IT)managers and IT professionals

  • Latent job seekers

    Reaches latent job seekers

  • Various options

    Wide range of options in all of our publications

AG Knowledgebase

AG Connect not only keeps its readers up to date on the latest news and developments, but also helps them make decisions during the purchase process of IT products and/or services. Advertisers who offer this substantive information receive detailed data from interested visitors. Those are marketing qualified leads (MQLs), but we also offer opportunities to generate sales qualified leads. These are qualitative leads that your sales department can make count immediately.

The advantages of lead generation:

  • Displaying your knowledge (thought leadership)
  • Tangible results
  • Your content will be used for leadgeneration exclusively
  • Comprehensive weekly rapports
  • A bigger chance of success

Your content will be displayed on the homepage and on relevant article, topics and themes. Furthermore we can display your content through our daily newsletter, the whitepaper newsletter and the search results You receive the following data: company name, name, gender, e-mail address, phone number, branche, title of the downloaded document and the download date. As a standard we remove students and fake addresses before sending you the leads.

  • High qualilty leads

    With extensive contact details

  • Thought leadership

    Show your expertise

  • Better results

    Through concrete and high quality leads


AG Connect has a lot of experience in organizing professional events, seminars and conferences for IT decision makers and thought leaders.

These events are an ideal platform to present your products, facilities and services and to come into direct contact with your target audience and generate leads. For each event the sponsor packages are tailor made to offer an optimal mix to get in touch with your target audience. Sponsor packages mostly include extensive media options with a mix of print and online.

Events 2020

16-04-2020Security congress
17-05-2020Low code/no code congress
26-10-2020Artificial Intelligence congress
17-11-2020Test congress
08-12-2020Cloud congress

Please contact us for more information about the events and sponsor packages.

  • Network

    Get in touch with existing and new contacts

  • Presentations

    Generate leads during product or service presentations

  • Share knowledge

    During masterclasses and congresses


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