IT is changing the world at a tremendous pace and increasingly determines the success of businesses. This gives the IT decision-maker an increasingly important and decisive role. Anyone who wants to do business with IT decision-makers and thought leaders in the Netherlands works with AG Connect: from IT directors and IT management to IT consultants and advisers, you can reach them all via one platform. AG Connect has the largest IT reach in the Netherlands and is the only IT title with paying subscribers. Discover all the possibilities of connecting your business to IT professionals in one go.

AG Connect is part of Sijthoff Media which also includes the brands Adformatie, Atlas voor Gemeenten, Binnenlands Bestuur, iBestuur and Young & Connected.

Reach all IT decision-makers via a single platform

AG Connect is the platform for all IT decision-makers and thought leaders in the Netherlands. It hosts 24/7 news and inspiring articles in full breadth and depth. Developments, innovations, backgrounds, insights – everything you need to make IT decisions! Online and with a beautifully extensive magazine.

AG Connect offers a unique, high-quality envelope for your communication message.

  • Largest IT reach in the Netherlands.
  • Only IT title in the Netherlands with paying subscribers.
  • Largest independent IT editorial team in the Netherlands with over 50 years of experience.
  • Broad perspective on IT covering both science and practice.
  • A lot of depth in the articles and in the intelligence environment.
  • Targeted advertising (by subject) possible.
  • Your content gets added value because of the high quality of the environment.
  • Through the high relevance of the environment, you get better results, a high response rate and qualitative leads.
  • Wide range

    In print, online and at events

  • Authority

    The ICT authority for 53 years

  • Paying subscribers

    Only IT journal with paid circulation


Next to the website, the extra thick magazine (70 pages on average) is published 10 times a year. The magazine covers all the pillars. There is room for in-depth IT studies, but also for the more human side of IT in the form of portraits and interviews. Print run: 7,200.

ThemePublished on
SustainabilityFriday 11 February 2022
IT & WorkFriday 11 March 2022
SecurityFriday 8 April 2022
DigitisationFriday 13 May 2022
GovernmentFriday 17 June 2022
EducationFriday 15 July 2022
BusinessFriday 9 September 2022
CareFriday 7 October 2022
IT Talent ManagementFriday 11 November 2022
TrendsFriday 9 December 2022
2/1 page- 420 x 270 mm€6,500
1/1 page210 x 270 mm-€4,000

*After you have reserved space for the advertisement(s), we will send you the submission specifications.

Partner packages

On, we offer comprehensive possibilities to make your content visible to visitors. With an online partner package, you can upload unlimited contributions for 12 months. These partner contributions (blogs, interviews, case histories, etc.) can be found on the homepage, at the relevant pillar and relevant topics. The partner contributions are shown among the editorial articles. The partner contributions are also included in the AG Connect newsletter, which is sent out to 16,500 subscribers every day. To increase the editorial character of articles, we have introduced partner sections and you can see when which themes are current in the content calendar. We can also provide insight into which articles are read more than others. Through testing and measuring, we can together increase the reach among our readers even further. In this way, we create optimum visibility and effectiveness for your content campaign.  These content campaigns are tailor-made. For an overview of all our current partners, click here.

Package 1

  • Placing unlimited content on your own partner portal for 12 months.
  • This content is placed under a pillar on, on the homepage and the relevant topic page.
  • The content is included in AG Connect’s daily newsletter.

Price: €5,500

Package 2 (extras over 1)

  • Unlimited embedding of videos, podcasts, Twitter messages and other interactive media within the partner articles. Our partner manager takes care of this in consultation with you.

Price: €7,500

Package 3 (extras over 1)

  • Four (4) articles of up to 500 words, written by one of AG Connect’s editors.

Price: €7,500

Package 4 (extras over 1 ánd 2)

  • Four (4) articles of up to 500 words, written by one of AG Connect’s editors.

Price: €9,500

Digital magazines

AG Connect’s interactive magazine complements the AG Connect trade magazine in print, the website, events, newsletters and social media channels. It offers partners an out-of-the-box way to get their message across. It provides an interactive presentation in which text, image, video and audio come together. The interaction allows you to respond to the reader’s experience, resulting in more and longer attention to the product or service.

AG Connect’s editors will present a series of digital specials in 2022. The themes include government, finance and CIO.

AugustFormule 1

Package 1

  • Interactive article (500 words) with full screen video capability.
  • Logo with company details and link to your website.
  • Social media buttons for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Price: €3,000

Package 2

  • Interactive advertisement or interactive article (700 words) with full screen video possibility – made in the colours of your corporate identity
    • Logo with company details and link to your website.
    • Social media buttons for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Price: €4,500

Package 3

  • Interactive article (500 words).
  • Interactive advertisement.
  • Both the advertisement and article include a full screen video option.
  • Article is written by AG Connect – e.g., an interview or case story.
  • Logo with company details and link to your website.
  • Social media buttons for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Price: €6,500

Newsletter advertorials

The newsletter offers you the opportunity to communicate directly with IT managers and IT professionals by placing advertorials. The newsletter is sent on every working day. Circulation: 16,500 recipients.

Thematic newsletters

  • Security
  • AI & data science
  • Labour market
  • Development

€850 per placement
€1,950 for 3 placements
€3,600 for 6 placements
€4,750 for 9 placements

€750 per placement
€1,850 for 3 placements
€3,000 for 6 placements

Partner mailing

Use AG Connect’s unique reach to promote your conference or product. Approach subscribers with a partner mailing in your house style (newsletter). With a mailing made entirely by you, you are assured of a high attention value. Circulation: 8,000 recipients.

Price: €3,000

Display advertising offers various possibilities to increase your visibility on the site. Various banner sizes and positions are available.

Billboard970 x 250 pixels
320 x 100 pixels (mobile)
€85 CPM
Leaderboard728 x 90 pixels
320 x 50 pixels (mobile)
€70 CPM
Half page ad336 x 600 pixels €95 CPM
Large rectangle336 x 280 pixels€80 CPM
Branded content€850

Purpose: generating leads

AG Connect provides IT managers and IT professionals with comprehensive information to increase their knowledge and help them make decisions in purchasing IT products and services. Providers of this information receive detailed data from interested visitors. By sharing the criteria that the leads must meet, you receive qualitative leads that sales can use immediately. In addition to our website, we also use our newsletters to generate these leads. Circulation: 16,500 recipients.

Package 1

  • Three white papers must be submitted at the start;
  • All leads will be presented during the three-month period, no selection is possible;
  • The white papers will be published 5 times in the AG Kennisbank newsletter.

Price: €3,000

Package 2

  • Three white papers must be submitted at the start;
  • A package with 25 or 50 leads with one filter (company size or function) can be purchased;
  • This package can only be purchased in combination with a 12-month online partner package on AG Connect.

Price per lead: €70
Package with 25 leads: €1,750
Package with 50 leads: €3,500

Package 3

  • Three white papers must be submitted at the start;
  • A package with 25 or 50 leads can be purchased with two filters (company size and function);
  • This package can only be purchased in combination with a 12-month online partner package on AG Connect.

Price per lead: €80
Package with 25 leads: €2,000
Package with 50 leads: €4,000

  • Qualitative leads

    With extensive contact details

  • Thought leadership

    Show your expertise

  • More results

    Through specific and qualitative leads

Purpose: branding & awareness, claiming thought leadership and generating leads.

Conferences & seminars

AG Connect organises various congresses and seminars every year. At and around these events, we offer various possibilities to engage in branding as well as profiling your company in terms of content.

Security Conference
Date: 14 April 2022

Security remains one of the most important points of attention. The Security Conference will discuss the latest developments. New technological developments and current practical examples alternate. Participants gain insight into what actions they need to take to bring security within their organisation to a higher level.

Low-code No-code Day
Date: 12 May 2022

Low-code and no-code offer many opportunities to accelerate innovation within organisations. The Low-code No-code Day provides an insight into how low-code/no-code works, how it can be deployed and various practical examples will be discussed.

Security & Government
Date: 16 June 2022

The government has to deal with incredible amounts of data, much of which is privacy sensitive. This renders security within the government particularly important and challenging. This day focuses on examples from within the government and offers practical tips for immediate application.

Service Management Conference
Date: 28 June 2022

The Service Management Conference addresses the latest developments in this field.

Low-code No-code Demo Day
Date: 15 September 2022

At the Low-code No-code Demo Day, participants can discover for themselves the possibilities of the various platforms. Participants get to work on the platform themselves using a demo in order to gain an insight into what low-code/no-code can mean for them.

AG Tech Fest 2022
Date: 29 September 2022

Cloud Conference
Date: 6 October 2022

The cloud is becoming increasingly important as a tool to accelerate innovation. How do you deploy the cloud optimally and make use of all the advantages it has to offer?

Package 1

  • Full page advertisement or advertorial in the relevant special issue of the AG Connect print edition prior to the conference;
  • One substantive private session of 30-40 minutes;
  • AG Connect facilitates interaction before, during and after the conference with all your contacts and event participants through our integral network environment (via Grip);
  • Contact details of the people in your own session (after permission);
  • Distribution of your gadget at the conference;
  • Logo in all promotional communications (on the event site, advertisement in AG Connect, newsletters and on social media);
  • A meeting point including standing table, 2 stools, a power outlet and WiFi access;
  • Two admission tickets for your sales staff to network;
  • Assistance by our programme manager in setting up the presentation in the run-up to the conference to achieve the best quality;
  • Partners with an online partner package on will receive a 5% discount on the package price (per conference).

Price: €5,950

Package 2 (extras over package 1)

  • Two page advertisement or advertorial in the relevant special issue of the AG Connect print edition prior to the conference;
  • Participation in the plenary expert discussion in the programme with the other partners;
  • Two advertorials in the AG Connect newsletter (one a month before the conference and one within a month after the conference).

Price: €7,950

Package 3 (extras over package 2)

  • A promotional package in the run-up to the conference, consisting of banners and advertorials;
  • Sponsorship of coffees, lunch or drinks – ‘This drink is brought to you by… ‘.

Price: €9,950

Other options

A round table at one of the AG Connect conferences in 2022.

AG Connect facilitates:

  • The joint determination of the topic of the round table;
  • The invitation trailer;
  • The entire invitation process;
  • Between 10/15 intended end-user participants;
  • Report and pictures on the AG Connect website.

We have room for a maximum of two additional round tables per conference. The round table can only be purchased by a conference partner.

Price: €6,500

Package Low-code No-code Demo Day

  • Two demos for a total of 25-30 people spread over two sessions;
    • Listen: 20 minutes
    • Watch: 20-25 minutes
    • Do: 1.5 hours
  • Visibility as a partner in all event communication (before, during and after).

Prijs: € 5.500,-

Packages AG TechFest 2022

Visibility (included with each option)

  • Campaign (website, email, social media)
  • Full page in AG Connect
  • Contact details of persons in session (with permission)

Talk (20 mins.)

Short 20-minute inspirational presentation without slides.
Goal: inspiration/motivation
Example: new product that really has an impact and make that impact visible to the user.

Price: €5,000

Discussion (30 mins.)

Discussions on the topic with the partner joining in as one of the discussion partners.
Goal: talking to each other
Examples: (1) you should never pay a ransomware demand, or (2) the shortage of IT personnel is a national problem and should receive more attention from the government.

Price: €6,500

Work (45 mins.)

The participants are set to work.
Goal: to achieve a result
Example: create an app in 45 minutes. Make an AI canvas for new initiatives.

Price: €7,500

Insights (30 mins.)

Providing insight into new technology, new angles, new methods, etc.
Goal: insight
Example: a case where a product has been applied in a truly new way from which others can also learn.

Price: €6,500

Inspire (40 mins.)

An inspiring presentation on the large stage (not plenary).
No products or services.
Goal: inspiration
Example: personal inspirational story / ground-breaking research / trends.

Price: €7,500

Floor (small)

Meeting point on the floor. Only in combination with one of the sessions.

Price: €2,500

Floor (XL)

Area on the floor. No booth. Freedom to set up what you want, in consultation with the organisation.

Price: customisation from €5,000 (10 m2)


Do you want to organise an online presentation? Share your knowledge with AG Connect’s target group and organise a webinar. The interactive set-up allows you to get to know your potential customers.

  • AG Connect provides the space and the online environment for the webinar.
  • AG Connect takes care of the invitation policy in consultation with the partner.
  • Our event manager helps put together the programme to create a substantive webinar.
  • AG Connect conducts a marketing campaign in the run-up to the webinar to attract viewers (email, banners in newsletters and on the website, social media, etc.).
  • After the webinar, the partner will receive the recording for further distribution among its customers and potential customers.
  • The partner will receive the names and addresses of the participants in the webinar (GDPR-proof).

Price for 1 webinar: €6,000
Price for 3 webinars: €15,000
Price for 6 webinars: €24,000


An online talk show? We will be happy to advise you about the programme, help you set up the supported tooling and provide an experienced presenter.

  • AG Connect provides a presenter who hosts the talk show.
  • AG Connect takes care of the invitation policy in consultation with the partner.
  • Our event manager helps put together the programme to create a substantive show.
  • The webcast will be hosted in our professional studio in Capital C in Amsterdam, or a similar studio of equivalent level, and corresponding technical possibilities.
  • AG Connect provides a separate landing page where the show is hosted, with a chat function to promote interaction during the webcast.
  • AG Connect runs a marketing campaign in the run-up to the webinar to attract viewers and to distribute the webcast afterwards (email, advertorials in newsletter, banners on website, social media, etc.).
  • After the webinar, the customer will receive the recording, including an export of the questions, for further distribution among its customers and potential customers.
  • AG Connect will then provide the names and addresses of the viewers of the webcast (GDPR-proof).

Price for 1 webcast: €12,500
Price for 2 webcasts: €20,000


A podcast lends itself very well to a series of episodes with a substantive interview about the industry. AG Connect has the in-house specialists to support the interview and has its own recording studio.

  • Support in the coordination of the content and approach by our event manager prior to recording the podcasts.
  • Interviewer who conducts the conversation and edits the podcast.
  • Marketing campaign to promote the podcasts among AG Connect readers.

Price for 1 episode: €4,750
Price for 3 episodes: €12,000
Price for 6 episodes: €18,000

Round Table

AG Connect organises Round Tables at IT decision-maker level (C-1). By having the relevant responsible persons around the table, we ensure that the story reaches the decision-maker within the organisation without noise. AG Connect facilitates a target group where decision-makers will/must make responsible long-term decisions that will determine an important trajectory for the organisation in the years to come.

The Round Table is designed to spread knowledge, foster interaction with the target group, network and, above all, build new relationships in a quiet setting.

AG Connect facilitates:

  • The location where the Round Table is held.
  • The joint determination of the subject of the Round Table.
  • The invitation trailer.
  • The overall invitation process.
  • Between 10-15 intended participants from end-users.
  • Catering on location for either an afternoon session (drinks/snacks) or evening session (dinner).
  • Report and photos on the AG Connect website.

Price: €8,750

  • Networks

    Connect with existing and new business contacts

  • Presentations

    Generate leads at product and service presentations

  • Share knowledge

    Share knowledge at master classes and conferences


AG Connect offers the possibility to give a partner the opportunity to conduct an online survey at the core of the target group. With this research, the market can be explored in various areas, such as whether products will catch on in the market, or just to know more about certain topics that play a role in this target group.

Security research

Salary survey

Cloud research

  • Target group will be determined in consultation with the partner.
  • The research will be drawn up in collaboration with AG Connect.
  • Questions are distributed among the target group selected by the partner.
  • Online media campaign to boost research on the various channels of Sijthoff Media.
  • Results are shared with the partner after the survey.
  • Partner draws conclusion from the research and writes a 900-word report on it.
  • The report will be published in a 2/1 page spread in AG Connect as a partner contribution.

Price: €9,500


The possibility to ask 3 questions to the visitors of to get information from the market by means of a pop-up banner.

Price: €2,500

Vacancies is the job site where employers and experienced IT professionals meet. AG Connect’s broad reach ensures that your vacancy will be seen by thousands of IT professionals, including general managers, IT managers, IT specialists and other IT professionals.

  • Immediate placement after registration.
  • Simple management of responses.
  • Including company profile and logo.
  • Various possibilities to highlight your vacancy.
  • Possibility of placement in the newsletter and in the magazine.

Individual vacancy placement: €495
Vacancy highlight: €750

  • Wide reach

    Amongst (IT) managers and IT professionals

  • Latent jobseekers

    Precisely reaches the latent jobseekers

  • Transfers

    Various transfer opportunities


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